Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: Florez "Not Alone" [EP]

Florez specializes in "tangy, groove-driven rock" with songs that "transform snapshots of life into catchy melodies". They've been kicking around Nashville since 2002 and have been steadily building a following. Florez has achieved a career highlight in 2005 by earning the opportunity to open for Gavin DeGraw in 2005, and brought aboard some more fans through some shameless (but smart!) self-promotion from band member Erik Huffman, who sported a Florez cap while participating in the reality show “Survivor: China” in 2007.

The 4 track "Not Alone" EP follows their recent "Yellow Shoes" EP from 2007. Florez manages to mix several different flavors of pop rock music, yet I can't decide if the chemistry is right. The hooks did not grab me immediately and the vocals are rather pedestrian. "Not Alone" strives to be indie and commercial pop simultaneously, and succeeds to some degree (I really enjoyed "Uncle Frankie"). But here's the bad sign: I didn't notice when the CD had looped back to the beginning and began to play again - I forgot it was an EP and didn't realize I had just heard the songs less than 20 minutes ago...that's how memorable they were!

While I look forward to hearing more from Florez, "Not Alone" is remarkably unremarkable. The tribe has spoken.

iPOD-worthy: 3

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