Monday, July 6, 2009

Review: Scott Brookman "A Song For Me, A Song For You"

Scott Brookman specializes in "highly melodic pop music in the grand tradition of 60's and 70's that mixes wry humor and imagination." On his latest, "A Song For Me, A Song For You", you'll find plenty of classic pop in the style of Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, with several bossa nova-based tunes thrown in for good measure. There is a little bit of everything here - bouncy piano, playful acoustic guitar, and of course, xylophones, kazoos, and sleigh bells. With this diverse assortment of ingredients, Brookman rolls up his sleeves and starts experimenting in the kitchen.

Now as I listen to this record, I am not sure if I am laughing WITH Brookman or laughing AT him. But maybe the point is that I am laughing, and I should tip my hat to him for making me smile. The songs are gay and the humor is dry, so overall the CD sounds like music intended for children rather than adults, despite the adult-oriented lyrics. Perhaps this one is more for the (very) young at heart, or adults who are still fascinated by Sesame Street and Play-Doh (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Brookman's voice is velvet smooth and harmless, perfect for the sweet pop confections he bakes.

If you're a fan of light-hearted pop in the neighborhood of The Simple Carnival (reviewed here) or Mitch Friedman (reviewed here), you are likely to find a song or two for you on Brookman's latest. I'm not a big fan of this stuff, but even I could find one song for me: "The First Assault Upon My Day".

iPOD-worthy: 3

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Check out the video for "Seabird":

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