Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review: Alan Cohen Experience "Eat the Peace" [EP]

Not long ago we reviewed the self-titled EP from notable eclectic pop artist, Alan Cohen (review here). The guy and his mighty 'Orchestra of Personality' have been busy as we've already received the new forthcoming EP, "Eat the Peace", set for release on Election Day (November 3). "Eat the Peace" includes six songs that examine the cycles between war and peace.

For the uninitiated, Alan Cohen Experience (ACE) has a reputation for recording some pretty far out and offbeat stuff, venturing into Frank Zappa territory, but sounding refreshingly unique to my ears. The bizarre lyrics and arrangements made the previous EP intriguing and, well, an 'experience' alright. Comparatively speaking, "Eat the Peace" sounds subdued and calm, almost to the point where it sounds like ACE is running out of energy. Alan Cohen Experience comes up a bit short in the hook department, but on the last EP they made up for that with providing an energetic and wildly dynamic set of tunes. I'm not feeling that on this latest effort. This time out, they use a more straight-forward Southern rock sound to tell a different story for each song.

The noteworthy track that I enjoy most is "Peace", where supporting vocals from Catherine Pierce (The Pierces) really shine (she contributes to "Ranger Stranger" and "Truck Driver" as well).

iPOD-worthy: 5

Note you can grab a couple tracks for free at their official web site - go check them out for yourself!

Alan Cohen Experience on MySpace. Official site.

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