Monday, June 8, 2009

Review: Tieweb "Indier Than Thou"

Virginia-based Tieweb, featuring Justin Fazzari on vocals & guitar, Chris Aylward on bass & vox, Eric Bayles on lead guitar, and Steve Quesenberry on drums, claims to be putting the "die" in indie rock. They refer to themselves as the "most quirky band on the planet"; with influences ranging from Herbie Hancock to Phish to The Pixies, I think they are deserving of that title. Their latest effort, "Indier Than Thou", recorded by Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) award-winning producer Marco Delmar, is a sonic treat that defies genre classification.

Tieweb hastens to engage the listener right away with the rousing rocker, "Way Out", and follows it up with the vastly different but equally likable track called "Fade". I found my mind wandering during the subsequent tunes, but the upbeat acoustic rocker "Up and Down" captured my attention once again. They saved my favorite track for last...another peppy acoustic-driven gem called "Baby Don't Cry". Definitely the most accessible and catchy track on "Indier Than Thou", "Baby Don't Cry" is a perfect summer charmer. Overall, Tieweb is refreshing and innovative indie pop, and they weave some tangled, albeit interesting melodies along the way.

The CD art claims to make you "hipper" (more hip?) by listening to this music - I must admit that I do indeed feel cooler driving down the road with Tieweb blasting out of the speakers. "Indier Than Thou" is for fans of Frank Black/Pixies, Spoon, and Thee Makeout Party.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 6, 10

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