Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review: Sorry "RSVP" [EP]

Sorry is a 3-piece band from Auburn, WA that wants the world to RSVP to their indie powerpop party. The "RSVP" EP contains seven songs that introduce you to the band's sound, which features frequent harmony vocals layered atop melodic guitar riffs. Sorry is making some significant strides this year, including an invite to play International Pop Overthrow 2009 and earning several positive reviews on the powerpop circuit.

Two-thirds of Sorry consist of brothers Alan and Stephen Brozovich, who sound as pleasant as Tim and Neil Finn when in harmony. With all the harmonies, it is easy to draw comparisons to The Posies, but I am also hearing a lot of early Toad the Wet Sprocket (Bread and Circus, Pale) as well as The Connells. I'm actually enjoying the non-emphasis tracks the most, especially the catchy "Nuevo Laredo" and the strikingly beautiful ballad "Set Sail", which incidentally has been picked up by Three Imaginary Girls podcast.

Sorry claims that their music is "indie rock nice enough to take home to mom". While that may be true, I'm not certain your mom, or anyone else in the house for that matter, is going to get too riled up about Sorry. The production is pretty lo-fi, most songs are forgettable, and the vocals, despite the harmonies, just don't do that much for me. But check them out for yourself if you enjoy any of the aforementioned bands - you might not be sorry.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 4

Sorry : Official site. Get it.

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