Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: SKooBER "SKooBER" [EP]

Heads up on a great new power pop release by the New York band SKooBER - their EP is available FOR FREE on (see below). You'll hear this band's influences all through their songs; influences from such pop rock masters such as Cheap Trick, The Raspberries, and Enuff Z’nuff. SKooBER is a duo of exceptional musical chemistry: Tawni Bates sings over the pop rock played by Andy Weaver. Andy cranks out catchy and crunchy riffs that Tawni's Blondie-esque voice is perfectly suited.

Generally these tracks are rockin' and bursting with hooks, but my picks to highlight are "Sucks To Be You" and "Don't Be The One To Leave". Fans of 50s rock will be enamored with the retro feel of "On and On and On". SKooBER will appeal to folks who like Kelly Jones, Letters To Cleo, and Vibeke. Go check them out today!

SKooBER on MySpace. Official site.

Or try here.

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Ace Noface said...

I thought Skoober was kinda beatlesque, as they used the bVI chord in just about every song.