Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: The Seldon Plan "Lost and Found and Lost"

The Baltimore power pop scene is about to get a shot in the arm with the latest from The Seldon Plan. This band specializes in "whimsical, nostalgic indie pop" and their latest record, "Lost and Found and Lost", "tells the story of expectant hope and recession blues". "Lost and Found and Lost" is their third record, and for The Seldon Plan the third may well be the charm.

The Seldon Plan established a good reputation in pop circles with 2007's record, "The Collective Now", which was named a top 40 record of that year by The Big Takeover, and one of the "Best Baltimore albums of 2007" by The Baltimore Sun. "Lost and Found and Lost" will serve to solidify that reputation. The band, a tad older and wiser now, have created a highly consistent, soaring piece of indie pop. Each song features lush arrangements, well-crafted harmonies, and intelligent lyrics. The vocals are gentle and soothing with richly textured music to match..."Lost and Found and Lost" goes down nice and smooth, with no bitter aftertaste. There is a host of creative extras peppered into the songs, such as a bit of trumpet here or cello there, some well placed hand claps or la-las, all of which keep things fresh and surprising.

Some interesting bits of trivia about the new songs can be found on the band's official site. For example, three of the songs are direct “responses” to other famous tunes. My favorite tune on the CD, the acoustic based “Philadelphia and a Moment”, is a response to Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Sara”.

I'd recommend The Seldon Plan for fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Pernice Brothers, Nada Surf, or The Churchills. And, if you are near Baltimore, go catch their CD release party at the Metro Gallery on June 27. All eyes are on them...

iPOD-worthy: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12

The Seldon Plan at MySpace. Official site.

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