Monday, March 26, 2012

Melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

BRASS KITTEN “Across America” (2001)

BRASS KITTEN was revived by Perris in 2001 for a blitzing glam release, 'Across America' and I'm going to say, judging by the year of its release, this is definitely an oasis in the desert. Steve Philbrook has an amazing vocal and a wide range - the songs are mostly energetic, very melodic, and right in-your-face. 'Crossfire' is a mind blowing opener; 'Can't Hold Back The Young' is reminiscent of PRETTY BOY FLOYD’s style; 'Too Far Gone' is a nice and simple ballad; and 'Bite The Bullet' is a great no-frills hard rock tune.

There are some fillers scattered here such as the second track, 'Sweet Love Affair' or the eighth track, 'Can't Get Enough', but those are the only the weak songs I spotted. 'Fit To Be Tied' and 'Wait Another Day' are still pretty good. 'Country Song' is an easy listening acoustical piece - I love this track and 'Quit Your Bitchin' is an ass-kicking sleazy tune similar to DANGEROUS TOYS.

Unfortunately the volume is quite low but the production isn't bad considering it's an indie recording. This album isn't going to win any award, but for fans of glam yearning for some serious rock and roll salvo, BRASS KITTEN is a good catch.

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