Monday, November 28, 2011

Classic melodic rock CD of the week

By Stephen Kasenda

GUNS N’ ROSES “Use You Illusion II” (1991)

The second disc in the epic Guns N’ Roses “Use Your Illusion” series is often hailed as superior to the first. The usage of the blue color on the cover would appear to represent a relaxing, bluesy, more laid-back batch of songs, but the gang keeps the anger and hatred going strong on several tracks, including "Get In The Ring" and "Shotgun Blues".

The Terminator soundtrack tunes, "Civil War" and "You Could Be Mine", are two tracks to fall in love with at first listen. "Yesterday" is a sway into light rock with a passionate vocal and delirious rhythm. The rendition of Dylan's classic, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is another instant hit, making a good stadium chant for every concert they held. "Estranged", the last section of the ballad trilogy, is one of their masterpieces, featuring a captivating voice and a breathtaking solo by the Axl Rose-Slash duo. The closer, "My World", is blatantly their worst creation and unnecessary filler, but overall this is an enjoyable disc packed with many good songs. If I have to pick one, I chose blue over yellow.

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