Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review: Canon Logic “Rapid Empire” [EP]

Modern rock
Canon Logic is a modern rock quintet comprised of guitarists Mark Alu and Josh Greenfield, bassist Sean Enright, drummer Zach Jordan, and frontman and principal songwriter Tim Kiely. Their new five song EP, “Rapid Empire” was released on August 30, 2011 via Engine Room Recordings. The EP follows their debut full-length effort, “FM Arcade”, from 2010, which has been hailed as “an eclectic album of powerfully catchy pop songs”.

I’m primarily hearing a lot of influence from The Killers in Canon Logic, but also hints of ELO, Blur, and The Decemberists. You can get “Howl in the Night” for free below, but the real standouts for me are “Sirens”, the title track, and “Dungeon Fallout”. Kiely has a soaring voice reminding me of the sound of Keane, but it is lifted to even greater heights with bellowing harmonies and toe-tapping rhythms throughout. Great attention to detail can be found in the arrangements of these tunes and the end result is five highly satisfying tunes that will move you lyrically and musically. Don’t miss this EP if you like any of the aforementioned bands.

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Download “Howl in the Night” for FREE:

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