Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rare Trax: Company of Wolves "My Ship"

Every Saturday at BMF we present rare or deep tracks from my collection for your listening pleasure, or perhaps for your amusement!

This week’s track is "My Ship" by Company of Wolves from their excellent self-titled 1990 album, which I consider to be one of the last "classic rock" records ever made. "My Ship" is one of the catchiest cuts off the record. You just can't resist feeling better after hearing this song - an optimistic anthem about turning a corner and "dropping your anchor away". I wish the band's ship would have come in, but sadly it was lost at sea.


Real Gone said...

Their second album, 'Steryl Spycase' has some good tunes on it too.

Many years ago, I received many emails from Kyf Brewer, some filling me in on what he was doing musically; some just idle chit chat. He was always a pleasure to exchange emails with.

If you've not already done so, check out his two solo albums too!

Bill's Music Forum said...

I also got their "prequel" CD "Shakers and Tambourines" - also worth checking out. I like Kyf's solo records, too. He has a new band now called Barelyjuice.

Skippy The Lizard said...

Great obscure pick ...

This is definitely a classic album ... and I have many great memories of their live shows.

The Kyf solo records have some great unknown classics (think "Ain't Enough Booze", "Take Y' Shoes Off" and "Dear Richard's Wake") ...

But don't forget the Conte brothers.

Their two Crown Jewels albums are powerpop classics in my book. (Try "Tax Free", "Strawberryvelvetfiftycentshoes", "He's So Zen" and "Lovers on Earth".) Then their album as The Contes, not as even, but some great tracks including "My Brilliant Star".

The true "crown jewel" in the Conte album catalog is the more recent Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth, released late in 2009. It's got a similar vibe to the original Company of Wolves album, but a harder edge. "The Truth Ain't Pretty", "The Goods Are Odd" and "Strumpet Hearted Monkey Girl" would be my top picks, but there's not a dud on that album.

Bill's Music Forum said...

Thanks - will check these out!