Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Chris Alvy Band “Anything Goes” [EP]

Rock/Pop rock
Born in Cuba and raised in Spain and the US, Chris Alvy is making a mark on the Miami music scene. The Chris Alvy Band captures the vintage 70’s rock sound and combines it with an alternative edge with brilliant results. This remarkable band sounds like they are Cheap Trick or Boston performing songs written for ABBA. I’ve not heard melodies so delectable and instantly gratifying since Jellyfish. The band’s six song EP, “Anything Goes”, features exquisitely catchy songwriting, surprising musical twists, and spectacular harmonies.

“Inside Job” greets us with raining drums, a gentle riff, and Alvy’s warm voice…all of which quickly builds up to a driving chorus laced with rich backing vocals that you’ll be humming for the rest of the day. “Something New” was the next song to grab my attention – not quite as all consuming, but a solid straight up rocker with crunch and haunting leadwork. “The Fall” is one of the coolest examples of how this band effortlessly blends musical styles to cook up something you’ve never quite tasted before. We’ve got staccato 60s guitar, a 70s-style pop buildup, and the soaring vocal tone of the 80s. The EP ends on a strong note with “This Is Your Life” – the verses are a bit chaotic, but man that chorus is a work of genius.

Try to get through this EP without grinning – it just isn’t possible. Easily one of the best powerpop EPs we’ll hear this year. Congratulations, Chris Alvy and company.

Chris Alvy Band on MySpace.

Check out the video for “Inside Job”

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