Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: Prime Suspect “Prime Suspect”

Melodic rock/AOR
Prime Suspect is the new project stemming from Khymera players Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermolli and Dario Ciccioni. The experience Liverani has had in prog rock (Empty Tremor) combines with the forces of straight up melodic rock that results in music that should appeal to both groups of fans. At the vocal helm is Olaf Senkbeil from the German band Dreamtide, who often reminds me of Klaus Meine (The Scorpions). In addition, two tracks were penned by acclaimed Swedish songwriter Christian Wolff (On The Rise, Johnny Lima, Mecca) - “What Do You Want?” and “It Could’ve Been You”.

The self-titled record is off to an energetic start with all members realizing their potential on “What Do You Want?” This one is quickly followed with a great one-two punch in the upbeat “I’ll Be Fine” and mid-tempo “Change This World”. Things slow down with “I Never Knew”, which features a dated glistening piano – the first track that leaves me cold. Things pick back up with the bright and punchy “I Would Like To Reach The Sun”, but nothing struck me too much until the fantastic “Deep In My Heart”. “Deep In My Heart” is a perfectly infectious midtempo rocker and a contender for my favorite track on the CD. In short, “Prime Suspect” boasts solid performances all around with some subtle prog rock references, but some of the tunes are not as memorable as the highlights.

“Prime Suspect” is a worthy debut album of European AOR, aimed to please fans of Khymera, Last Autumn’s Dream, or The Scorpions. The record is out now.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 8

Prime Suspect on MySpace.

Listen to “What Do You Want?”

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