Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: Timmy Sean "Songs From and Inspired By Noisewater"

Formerly of the power pop band Luzer (and shortly thereafter The Celebrities), Timmy Sean is back with his first solo CD entitled "Songs From and Inspired By Noisewater". Sean sings and plays nearly every instrument on the record and tries to incorporate all of his influences (which include Brian May's (Queen) guitar, Paul McCartney's bass, and Ben Folds on piano) into each song. In fact, Sean attempted to craft his first solo effort towards the sounds of Brian Wilson's "Smile" and McCartney's "Band On The Run". But it's not like Sean doesn't call in some help to optimize the atmosphere of a song - for example, Brian Mahoney contributes some excellent, well-placed sax and clarinet on a number of tracks. Consequently, the record is as fun as a carnival.

As you may surmise, "Songs From and Inspired By Noisewater" plays somewhat like the soundtrack to a movie, flanked with an instrumental intro and outro to set the mood. If "Noisewater" were indeed a movie, and this album a true soundtrack, it should be nominated for an Oscar for best movie soundtrack. "Songs From and Inspired By Noisewater" is absolutely fantastic and one of my runaway favorites of 2010 by far. Aside from those instrumental pieces, "Noisewater" is overflowing with waves of catchy choruses and bouncy verses. The record literally drips with hooks and a feel good attitude. I will highlight "Girl From Omaha", "If Your Mother Has Her Way", and "Wait" as my favorite tracks, but the album is extremely cohesive and consistent, making it a pill you'll want to swallow whole.

It took Sean four years to make this record and it will take you only 40 minutes to enjoy it. But enjoy it you will..."Songs From and Inspired By Noisewater" is a must have record for fans or power pop and rock. Timmy Sean will delight fans from early E.L.O. to Jellyfish to Ben Folds. Genius...pure genius, through and through.

iPOD-worthy: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11

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