Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Ben Fuller "Aquarian Son" [EP]

Ben Fuller )(Midside Stereo) has released an EP entitled "Aquarian Son" - five songs in the style of what I would call contemporary roots rock.

Here is a little information about Ben Fuller: "As a musician who has been playing guitar and writing original music throughout his life, Ben Fuller finds his musical inspiration through his experiences traveling the world. New adventures have always played an integral role in Ben’s life and he continues to seek out people and places that help him evolve as an artist. Through these encounters, Ben channels creative energy into his songwriting and performing."

"Aquarian Son" begins strong, with an upbeat yet haunting tribute called "Ashes" (video below). One of the first things that will grab your attention when it comes to Fuller is his distinctive voice. It has an early Bob Dylan quality to it, but strangely enough, reminds me a bit of Adam Levine at times (Maroon 5). "Handsome Loser" is a driving song in the Tom Petty tradition, and has become my favorite track on the EP. "Favorite Song" is another highlight, with a stomping chorus recalling "The Apartment Song" by Barenaked Ladies. While I stand by my desire for a moratorium on songs referencing California, I must admit that the closing track is catchy and fun. Fuller is a terrific and genuine talent, writing intelligent songs that you want to sing along to. His frequent use of effective harmony vocals and dynamic instrumentation keep his songs fresh.

I recommend you check out Fuller if you like The Wallflowers, Ryan Adams, or Gomez.

Ben Fuller on MySpace. Official site.

Check out the video for "Ashes":

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