Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: Caitlin Canty "Neon Streets" [EP]

The sweet and mellow sounds of Caitlin Canty tiptoe back into your ears on her latest, "Neon Steets". "Neon Streets" is the first of four collaborative EPs that will be released throughout 2010-11, which follow her notable debut "Green" (review here).

"Neon Streets" features seven new songs co-produced by the string-rock band Darlingside, who bring a heightened dramatic sound to Canty's acoustic-based folk songs. The inclusion of cello, mandolin, and lofty harmonies augment her songs well. In some respects, this collaboration makes her songs sound better suited for a small theater than the coffeehouse. The stylistic change is so natural that she will by no means alienate fans of "Green".

Canty's vocals sound emboldened this time around - she is clearly more seasoned and confident. I still feel there were some missed opportunities on "Neon Streets" in which she could have created a vocal "moment" that gives the tune something extra special. I find the tunes on "Green" to be more memorable, but this is not to say that "Neon Streets" is not a pleasant listen. Canty never fails to sooth with her enchanting voice and vivid imagery, and "Neon Streets" plays like a lullaby. My favorite cuts include "Halo" and "Shore".

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