Monday, November 16, 2009

Rare CD: Worrall "Worrall"

"This is the nearly impossible to find self titled release from Canadian melodic rock/AOR group WORRALL - the times that this title appears on EBay are few and far between (I actually doublechecked to make sure that my own copy didn't wind up in my sell boxes by accident!) It is rare! Band was: Steve Worrall (lead vocals, guitars), Rick Worrall (lead vocals, keyboards), Chris Brockway (bass) and a cat called Big Mac on drums. Really - I'd say that all of the elements of great melodic rock are here - strong vocals, catchy songs, more than a few great ripping guitar moments, and enough hard edge to please the hair metal folks - this is KILLER!!!

This one is highly recommended if you liked the melodic rock style of BLVD (Boulevard) and Harem Scarem - backing vocals here from non other than Jimi Jamison!! (Survivor!)


1. Best Is Still to Come
2. Shadow of a Life
3. You Know
4. Summertime Radio
5. Catch Me
6. Take a Look Around
7. Heat of the Night
8. I Can't Stop
9. Hard Times
10. Suspicious Heart
11. Ordinary Man"

Sold for $108.50 on ebay.

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